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Deutsche Telekom quits ISDN trunk of Hotel Haus Berkenbaum

Today I found a German article about Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom is still in the progress to remove their ISDN network. Sadfully it happens sometimes, that it is at a few locations not possible to offer SIP-Trunks as a replacement. It is technically not possible to have a broadband internet access that is VoIP ready. Such a situation is described in that article about the Hotel Haus Berkenbaum.

Even if it wouldn’t have helped in that special case, I recommend not to wait to long to check out alternative options to your ISDN trunk. To continue to use the older ISDN-PBX or to replace a smaller PBX I recommend be.IP Plus. In bigger installations I recommend Avaya IP Office. With it’s broad possibilities to configure a SIP Trunk it offers maximum compatibility to almost every carrier.

Avaya phone vulnerability

Z6 Mag posted an article describing a pretty old vulnerability in the code of Avaya’s H323 phones. The issue allows a remote code execution, that can be used by a hacker to extract the audio from the speakerphone.

Avaya has been aware of that issue for a while and offers a new software for the phone:

If you need help to update your phones you can contact me.

Another article posted on Bleeping Computer describing the same issue: