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Domain Name System
DNS servers resolve DNS FQDNs (Fully qualified domain names) like against the corresponding IP address. Technically it could be possible to access each web site using their IP address but to have more comfort you can accessed by their names. DNS is the translator for your application to get the IP address of the host‘s name.
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Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
Using DTMF you can send digits into a call for example if you want to access a telephone conference or your voicemailbox. In Voice over IP calls there are different ways to send those digits. The most common is to send RTP packets following RFC2833. Another option is to send the digits within a SIP Info message.
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Fully qualified domain name
While a hostname can only be used within a local network, you can resolve a FQDN from other networks as well. Let's have a look at as an example. Here www is the hostname, google is the domain and com is called the top level domain (TLD). If we put those pieces together we have the FQDN.
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