About me

Hi folks,

My name is Florian Wilke and I have been working for a German telecommunications company. We were working mostly with phone systems like Avaya IP Office and some older systems like Ericsson/Aastra/Mittel Business Phone, Philips, NEC and provided service for older Avaya (formerly known as Tenovis) systems like Integral Enterprise and Integral 5. Additionally we delivered Fax and CTI software from different vendors that fits best into the customer’s needs.

Apart from voice communications we also worked with networking (wired, wireless, authentication) and video communications as well as hospitality solutions.

In the mean time I changed to a vendor of routers and PBXes and boxes that do both at once. So we can cover the need for all customers who get messages from their providers that the older phone lines will be shut down and they have to go the Voice over IP way. With our routers we can connect the internet line and the VoIP connection. This way we don’t have to handle common problems that occur if NAT is in place.