2 seconds silence with IP Office and 9608G

Recently after upgrading IP Office to release 10.1 we got calls from different customers who told us that they have about two seconds of silence at the beginning of a call. After researching with one of our customers we figured out that only 9608G phones are affected while other models (9611G, 9641GS) has no problems. In our tests showed that only outbound calls are affected and only calls with direct media (no VCM calls and no RTP relay calls) are affected.

The phone were running different firmware versions and we did an upgrade to 6.6401 as it is the latest firmware that ships with IP Office 10.1. But that didn’t help. Due to the fact that 9611 phones that run the same firmware have no issues we thought of a bad series of hardware.

As a last option we had a look at http://support.avaya.com and found a newer firmware with release 6.6506 and had a look into the release notes. Surprisingly our issue is listed as a solved issue:


Part of the latest 96×1 Release Notes showing the mentioned issue

So we did another firmware update and luckily the problem was solved and our customers are happy.

You can find the actual firmware on Avaya’s support site: https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C20178257327590_9&productId=P0553&releaseId=H.323%206.6.x

I hope that helps someone with the same issues. Please share this site to help others to not spend time searching for an issue that can be fixed easily.

If you need further help with IP Office you can contact me through my main website: https://www.fwilke.com/home

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