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Media Manager plays no recording

The problem

Recently I faced an interesting problem again, that I want to share with you. Should you ever have the same problem, I hope you will find this post and that you can save some time searching for the root cause. There had been a customer call, that Media Manager plays no recording.

A short look into the recordings page seemed to be fine. The system showed all made recordings. But as soon as you clicked the play button the small player window appeared. Unfortunately you couldn’t hear anything. It looked similar to the following picture with the exception that the length of the recording has been shown as zero seconds.

Media Manager recordings Page
Media Manager recordings Page
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Avaya releases IP Office version 10.1

Today Avaya made the new IP Office version 10.1 generally available. This release comes with a few new options and some minor enhancements.

  • Integrated Contact Recorder
  • Media Manager
  • Simplified Mobile Access
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number
  • Privacy Override
  • Support of different hypervisors
  • Voicemail Pro Database Access on Linux
  • Enhancements of OneX Desktop applications
  • Equinox Select as a preview
  • New hardware

Integrated Contact Recorder

Integrated Contact Recorder (ICR) can be seen as the new CCR. CCR was a less liked reporting tool for IP Office that had to be installed on a Windows Server together with a Microsoft SQL Server. I remember more problems than effort for those few installations we had. With the release of IPO 9.1 CCR had been dropped and the only replacement option had been the bigger and more expensive IP Office Contact Center. Continue reading