IP Office Heavy load after upgrade caused by old ADI licenses

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The transformation

Recently we ran into an issue we didn’t figure out before.

But from the beginning… With the switch from 9.0 to 9.1 Avaya started to support the use of PLDS licenses in IP Office, even if the good old ADI licenses were still working. PLDS licenses have only been delivered dir systems with contact centers like IPOCC or ACCS. With the upgrade to 10.0 ADI licenses became obsolete and we had to migrate to PLDS licensing during the upgrade. After a few challenges with the first few license sets everything worked fine and I like PLDS.

My experience

When you upgrade from an ADI licensed system to a PLDS licensed, Avaya recommends to remove the old and obsolete ADI licenses from the configuration. Nevertheless, I tended to keep them until the whole upgrade is finished. To be honest I don’t know why, but perhaps to keep the option to downgrade in case of trouble. Even if it doesn’t need more than ten seconds to reimport the saved licenses.

It seems to be no problem for systems with mostly digital phones but with IP phones we ran into trouble. We had situations where it took hours until all phones had been registered after the upgrade from 9.x to 10.x or 11.x. And it needed the same amount of time after a planned reboot. Sadfully the SysMon tool didn’t show up the reason for that issue. Instead there were error messages like ‘the phone tries to register with a default password’.

The solution

After several tests and many hours of research we figured out that the old and obsolete ADI licenses caused that situation. Probably IPO is pretty busy doing something with the ADI licenses. Almost at the same time this solution has been posted in my favorite IP Office forum here: Issues with Upgrade to R11.0.4

After removing the old licenses the IPO calmed down and everything started to work as expected again.

The learning

What do we learn from that? Keeping the system clean is always a good idea. Remove stuff that isn’t needed anymore to keep the config slim and to make it easier to not lose the overview.

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