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Open IP Office Backup files – Part 3

In my last post I promised to show you how to use the registry to store settings and to read them. Only with that topic it would be possible to create multiple posts. I will only show you the most important options in short.

Furthermore I’ve read about using classes and created some structure in the code.

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Open IP Office Backup files – Part 2

With the first post of this series I told you about my plan to create a tool, that helps you to open IP Office backup files as comfortable as possible.

In my first version of that tool I created an array, that contains three directories. The tool searches those three directories for files ending with CFG.

The structure

By it’s very nature a user doesn’t want to run a program from start to end, but wants to jump between different program parts if needed. That’s why it became clear, that I had to create a main menu to offer several options. Besides the main goal to search for backups and to open them, you will for sure want to be able to adjust some settings and even to just quit the tool.

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Open IP Office Backup files – Part 1

In most of my posts I try to have a look into several problems I faced. This can be errors or vague descriptions. But it can also be challenges, where I have to find my own solutions.

In those posts I try to document, what I learned and I hope that I can offer you some kind of value.

The idea

During my work it has been necessary several times to have a look into different IP Office backups. Either because some config changes had been done by someone else or to reuse special config ideas from one customer on another’s customer’s system. It has always been a challenge to find the correct backup at the correct location.

That is why I had the idea to build a small tool, that searches for IP Office backups below different paths and presents the result in a nice list. From that list it should then be possible to open the backup,directly.

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Backup Estos MetaDirectory 4.0

This is an update to my previous post describing the steps to create backups ESTOS applications. The older post handled backing up the earlier release 3.5 of MetaDirectory.

In the meantime MetaDirectory 4.0 has been released and with the new release ESTOS changed the installation path and the name of the service so that the current backup script will not work anymore.

So it’s time for a small update.

The challenge

In order to not adjust the script every time I want to deploy it again on another server, I want a script that works for the older and the actual version. So I have to check and adjust the values for service name and paths used within the script. Continue reading

Creating Backups of Estos ProCall and MetaDirectory

Sadfully Estos ProCall and Estos MetaDirectory have neither an inbuilt backup functionality nor a scheduler to backup automatically.

After searching the web for a solution I found a German article about moving the service from one machine to another: Move Estos from one server to another

It describes the steps how you can create a backup of both applications and what you have to do to restore them on another machine. Continue reading

How to backup IP Office servers

The challenge

Did you ever ran into the situation where IP Office hardware died and you had to replace it? And in that situation did you have an actual backup available? For a single site IP500 there are many places to get a backup. If the chassis breaks you will have a backup on the SD card – in the case you will not find a non V2 chassis. If the SD card breaks the running config is stored in the internal flash of the chassis. If you don’t have both of them you will probably have an older config file stored in your Manager folder on your computer.

Considerations for Server Edition solutions

But what about IP Office servers? First of all there is more to save than just the IPO configuration. We have Voicemail Pro and OneX Portal. We probably have contact store and WebLM as well as WebRTC and it’s getting more with every release. Continue reading