Avaya SBC WebLM not working

After about six month of absence from Avaya I recently started to do some support again. My first job was to update a solution of two IP Office IP500 chassis together with two application servers to release 11.0 and the SBC used to connect mobile workers and a new SIP trunk to the latest 7.2 version.

From IP Office Server Edition I heard about issues with the WebLM delivered in release 11 not showing the server properties page. Without the WebLM’s Host-ID it is not possible to generate valid licenses and so IP Office itself will not work.

Nevertheless I decided to start with the SBC followed by the phones and in the last steps the IP Offices together with the application servers.

The issue

Updating the SBC (running on the older Portwell box) took me a really long time because I had to upgrade from the running 7.1 version through 7.2 GA version up to the latest 7.2 patch. After spending some hours over two days waiting for the update to finish I noticed that the dashboard was showing an issue connecting to the WebLM service.

So I tried to log in into the WebLM to find out that the old password wasn’t working anymore. I remembered the release notes mentioned that WebLM will lose the whole config during the update. WebLM came with it’s default password and without any license. The upload of the old license file threw strange error messages and my attempt to check the Host-ID led me to an empty page. That was exactly the issue I already heard of.

The solution

While either IP Office 11.0 or ASBCE 7.2 where not new anymore there must have been other users having the same issue. So I started a Google search and found a thread within the Avaya support forums giving me the right instructions to repair the WebLM service: https://support.avaya.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13128

Thank you mcghe1 for sharing the solution.

Here are the steps again:

  1. Login into EMS via SSH (remember to use port 222) with user ipcs
  2. Become root
  1. Repair the hosts file’s access rights
setfacl -m u:tomcat:rwx /etc/hosts
  1. Step into the WebLM scripts directory
cd /usr/local/weblm/server/scripts
  1. Run the following commands:
./manage-weblm.py -d
./manage-weblm.py -e

Now you should be able to log in into WebLM again.

Be aware that the Host-ID has been changed. While in earlier releases the MAC address of A1 interface had been used it is now the M1 MAC address. So make a short trip to Avaya’s PLDS Page, adjust the Host-ID of the license host and generate a new license file. Upload it to WebLM and you are done.

I hope that helps others who come into the same situation. I am curious if the solution is the same for IP Office WebLM but I guess so. Probably the path to the WebLM script will be another one. If I see the issue on IP Office I will publish an update here.

Take care!

If you need further help with IP Office you can contact me through my main website: https://www.fwilke.com/home

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