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This is a follow up post to this one: https://blog.fwilke.com/avaya-sbc-weblm-not-working/

Update: I removed the hint that the locale can be changed back to “de_DE.UTF-8” because I got the information that the host ID is generated during boot of the server. So it is probably not the best idea to use a locale different to “en_US.UTF-8”.

Update 2: I added the link to the official solution document provided by Avaya.

The issue

As described in the linked article we came over an issue that after upgrading IP Office Server Edition from earlier releases to 11.0 the WebLM stops doing it’s job. It starts well but is not able anymore to pull the MAC address and to generate the host ID.

This leads into the situation that the WebLM properties page shows exactly nothing:

WebLM Host ID missing
Missing Host ID

Interestingly the issue only seems to occur only on bare metal servers and on HyperV installations but not on VMWare virtualised servers.

The solution

I tried to fix the issue the same way as I have done that with ASBCE but the WebLM implementation on IPO Server Edition differs from that on ASBCE. So the last resort was to contact Avaya support knowing that it can take more time than it would to try to figure it out myself.

Nevertheless Avaya searched for the reason of the issue. First of all they seemed to be sure that we did something wrong during the update.

They sent us scripts to test but everything looked good. After some weeks of doing several tests and many mails Avaya product house gained access to the server and found the cause of the problem. Pretty incredible the german locale caused the WebLM to not get the host ID. Even if I can’t imagine why that can cause an issue it helped to adjust that.

Here is how I had to do that:

1. Login with SSH and become root

login as: Administrator
Administrator@'s password:
Last login: Mon Apr 8 21:00:59 2019 from

* Avaya IP Office *
* *
* WARNING: Authorised Access Only *

Welcome Administrator it is Mon Apr 8 21:12:50 CEST 2019
> admin
Please enter Service User:Administrator
Please enter Administrator password:
Login successful

Admin> root
[root@ipodemo ~]#

2. Edit file /etc/sysconfig/i18n

[root@ipodemo ~]# nano /etc/sysconfig/i18n

3. Change to locale and languge from




4. Save the file and reboot

You can now login to WebLM and you will find the host ID. All VMWare OVAs are set to “en_US.UTF-8” when deployed and I never changed that. So I guess you will not see any disdvantage if you keep the US locale after changing it the first time.

Avaya now provided an official document that informs you about this workaround: https://support.avaya.com/ext/index?page=content&id=SOLN338865

If you need further help with IP Office you can contact me through my main website: https://www.fwilke.com/home

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